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What our Community is saying

 Az Mukadam from AZPR

“I wish Build That Business had been around when I first started out. There are so many different layers to running your own business and no manual to show you exactly how to do it. There’s no one size fits all approach. To be able to lean on as many experts as BTB offers is something incredibly exciting”

Ellie Williams from This Girl Talks Money

“Anything that helps take the strain off of running a business is a win from me. Build That Business is something all new business owners need. Having access to much needed help from across the business mix is sensational!”

Jan Sleigh - from Hyperdestiny

“Back when I started my business it was difficult to find information about how to start a business and what to consider - I wish there had been a service like Build That Business. The resources Build That Business have curated are invaluable and help you navigate subject areas where you don’t have any knowledge or expertise. ”

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Health and Wellbeing
Planning and Strategy
Money and Finance
Sales and Marketing
Customers and Competitors
Managing Your Business

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Dickens Hair in Harpenden

Dickens Hair in Harpenden

“Build That Business is a great tool for small business owners. We can get the support we need to cover everything from marketing to finance at a time and pace that suits us, so we can focus on what we do best. I’ve found the website easy to use, very simple to navigate and find exactly what support I need and the mix of video and written advice has been incredibly helpful.”

Zoe, Owner of Dickens Hair, Harpenden dickenshair.com